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When posting links, I came across this. Was worthy of its own post.

A whole different Era than the Present day Debacle were in.


I am starting another new category under the label of "THE BUS STOP". This label will include all bus conversion related material pertaining to my life as a BUSNUT. In my experiences of living Full Time in our bus my path has crossed topics of new ideas, dreams, other busnuts, & the pros as well as the cons of living in a converted bus also known as a Motorcoach. They come in all shapes and sizes, age, value, and are used for many different purposes. I hope you enjoy all my BUS STOP posts. You will be able to single them all out by clicking on the BUS STOP label in the side bar.

This is a picture of BLUE. BLUE is a 1971 Bluebird that was originally a Arizona State University basketball team bus that 5 guys originally converted into a hunting bus in Phoenix to take them to the White Mountains on their hunting excursions. We bought this faithful companion in 1991, while living in Sedona where I was working as a Pastry Chef. We took the bunks out, redesigned the interior to fit our needs and have been living in Blue since. Blue has been as far east as Indiana, as far north as Jasper in Canada, as far south as Tijuana, and criss crossed mainly the Western United States with semi permanent stops in Whitefish MT., Breckenridge CO., Park City UT., Lakeshore CA., St. George UT., Quartzite AZ., and presently located in Prescott AZ. as I continue my Career as a Chef. BLUE is 30 ft. long, powered by a front gas 391 Ford big block hooked to a 6 speed Allison automatic Transmission. The thing will climb a tree, awesome clearance, but has a limited high end speed. Gets 6 miles per gallon...Ka Ching$$!!

Introducing JIM C. JIM C is our newest endeavor. JIM C is a 1958 GMC PD 4104 (hence JIM C). JIM C is 35 ft in length, powered by a Detroit Diesel inline 6-71 two stroke power house hooked to the old 4 speed spice tranny. JIM C is a work in progress. Rebuilt motor, new brakes, fuel lines, wheel bearings, reskined, painted, insulated & ready for the interior. Time, money, (and more money) and commitment is the key to this project and is possibly a topic for another post in THE BUS STOP. He rides on a air suspension system that can be used to level out the rig on uneven terrain, power steering, a great ride and gets 10 miles per gallon if I take the lead out of my shoes. The 4104 was the 1st Air conditioned bus on the American highways and was developed around the same time as our Freeway Systems. It is constructed of mostly aluminum, put together in the same process as a commercial jet liner with cold rivets, etc. They don't build em like this anymore.

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COMMON SENSE...( The pilot )

In the quest to upgrade my blog here at Big Sky Chef, I am going to start a continuing theme topic that will push me to write more about "whats out there" with opinions that will encompass not only my Chef background, but the numerous everyday visceral feelings of our globe and beyond. They will all be labeled Common Sense to track them in a group.

The most crucial thing to remember here is that I have no common sense. If this was the case I would be in a entirely different place than where I am now. Hindsight is nosight and it seems that this is true across the board with many trendy topics out there. It is a matter of learning from our cumulative experiences and not making the same mistake twice, and to make better decisions in the future.

COMMON SENSE tells me that we are on a rocky road in our vision of what the future holds for our civilization, and what the issues of change in the wind may bring to how we live our daily lives. There has not been a Chef or cooking job in the paper now for 3 weeks, something that I have not observed in the 10 years I have been here. The City has put a hiring freeze into effect as tax revenue is down, and the restaurants are stressing with high food prices, and diminishing customer visits. Now that the powers that be are finally admitting we are in a recession maybe we can get out of denial and take the appropriate steps to get on track.

Tying all the adverse cause and effects together with a broad based solution will be our challenge. Far be it from me to come up with a vision here in the Big Sky Chef blog, but I can sure as h*#l point out what I see and feel and relate this to my readers. STAY TUNED...