Friday, October 31, 2008


Just "hanging out" here in the AM on Halloween morn still waking up early from my nocturnal stint in the pastry kitchen. This may turn out to be a long post (for me) as I have been caught up with posting a image here and a image there with not much to say. I find myself in a unique place right now, unemployed except for my part time Sous Chef

job at the the Arena in P.V. It's a different experience, kinda reminds me of the fast food outlets I managed at Snoqualmie Pass with the full service side of the VIP lounge by the sky boxes that line the 2nd floor of the Arena. Problem is, it is all scheduled around the events (Hockey, Concerts, Basketball, Home shows, etc.) with too much time in between each event to provide a steady income.
Times are kinda scary right now with the economy being a unknown, massive layoffs nationwide, the wars in the Middle East, the housing foreclosure debacle, and the question of who our next President will be. I am hoping that we all end up united and not divided with the upcoming change. Time of course will tell. Any opinions out there "my friends"?

The hope here is that the American ingenuity and creative freedom we have been globally known and stand for pulls us through these hard times. I think it comes down to each individual and the way we treat our neighbor and fellow citizens. It really is as simple as using your

signal when changing lanes or turning a corner. I am reminded of Orly, my faithful companion of 17 years, that offered his unconditional love & forgiveness, regardless of any mistakes I made in our relationship. When we carve away the outer layers of
our personalities many things may appear, some good & some evil. We can only be honest with ourselves and face our problems with the understanding that none of us are exempt. As a human being my worst trait is being defensive. I try and live a common sense approach to things, but I think we, or at least I am hard wired this way. It could be that we are living Halloween every day of our lives, wearing the masks of who we pretend to be, hiding the true self. Its OK you know to admit fault, it sometimes relieves the burden of pressure that builds up inside.

On a lighter note, hey it's Halloween,the one day where you can wear the mask of a politician, or a Super Hero. No matter who you are inside you can be someone else.
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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