Sunday, March 22, 2009


Working my part time job today at The Mustang Grill at the Prescott Airport. 3 Apache Helicopters had a scheduled fuel stop today. They did not come into the Restaurant so my Pilot shots didn't happen. They had already landed by the time I arrived, so I missed the landing. They were sitting majestically on our dessert Tarmac ( if that's the right lingo) right next to a Lear type jet (remember I'm a Cook not an Aviator).

It was a nice looking ride, something AIG might own for Bailout Executives (had to throw some politics into this). I'll betcha this one even has a Ice Maker. The wind was blowing like the day the Edmund Fitzgerald went down (sp?). Anyway... the the wind was blowing like a bat outta h**l as it does alot in the winter here in Prescott as we are in the Zone where Low and High weather fronts meet as they come across the continent. It's always sunny (boring) and clear. Here's a video of their take off.

Let me know how I did on this post as it is my 1st with my new DSL HIGH SPEED connection.


  1. Keep your hat on Chef, summers comming soon enough. All the Best, M&C

  2. Very cool. Hubby & I rode a helicopter once on vacation. Loved it!

  3. WOW! Wish I could have seen those (the heli, not the leer)!