Saturday, June 21, 2008


Two school friends ran into each other after many years. One man was extremely wealthy, while the other only made a modest living. The poorer friend asked, How did you become so wealthy?"
Well," he replied, One day I opened the Bible and pointed randomly at a word. It was oil. The next day I invested in oil and made a fortune. So I decided to try my luck again. The second time, I pointed at the word ‘gold.' Again, the stocks I bought soared."
After a few more minutes of catching up, the poorer friend rushed home and pulled out his Bible. He closed his eyes, opened the Bible and pointed at the page. He was dismayed to see that his finger was pointing at the words Chapter Eleven."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Hillary gave it her best shot, but fell short of the mark. She hung in there like a trooper hoping the super delegates would put her over the top. In my mind she was a little over confident from the beginning, and she should have left Bill at home. The Clinton Machine had a new type of hurdle to jump with the sexist/racist factor new to the American public. I think they had too many enemies from their time in the white house, and alot of the old timers just didn't want to deal with their style. Now she can divorce Bill and move on. V.P.? Nada...she won't want it, and it defies "change we can count on". She may be making a deal for Sec. of State, but she may have to duck sniper fire, or lining herself up for a Supreme Court Judge position.

Labeled as a socialist, a Muslum, politically inexperienced, and religious fanatic, BO..Barrack Obama is one thing, a survivor. He has survived the onslaught of all the powers that be to become the choice to run against the "old school". His Internet fund raising techniques will be a model for the future and his ability to draw a crowd, astounding. His oratory delivery has been Kennedy like, and his vision for the common man is inspiring. We will see (if elected) if he is able to bring about the end result he envisions. Is the President really the decision maker, or is the position just a pawn in the chess game.
Pedict Biden will be V.P.
Here's Johnny...This is a classic set up...the rebel of the Republican party, not conservative enough for most on the red team, but he's been flip flopping their way in some areas. Strong on "staying the course" touting his fiscal strengths on earmarks, and needless spending. Financed by the lobbyists, affiliated with the Keating 5, and probably funnels his kickbacks thru Cindie's accounts tied to liquor distributors from the Hensley family, said to be Mafia driven. Who else can you buy a Budweiser from? Known to have a temper, a partying history, and wrecked 5 planes while in service. But he is a Hero. A hero of another failed war. I think this could go either way, my hunch is that they will try to put down Obama with whatever it takes, and his cool common sense approach will expose their negativity and the people will decide. If they can't control the dysfunctional electoral college, and if the race factor doesn't decide the outcome, I don't think Mcain has a chance. Feel free to comment about what you feel. Click the comments at the bottom of the post, you can remain anonymous if you like.