Thursday, December 4, 2008

COMMON SENSE...( The pilot )

In the quest to upgrade my blog here at Big Sky Chef, I am going to start a continuing theme topic that will push me to write more about "whats out there" with opinions that will encompass not only my Chef background, but the numerous everyday visceral feelings of our globe and beyond. They will all be labeled Common Sense to track them in a group.

The most crucial thing to remember here is that I have no common sense. If this was the case I would be in a entirely different place than where I am now. Hindsight is nosight and it seems that this is true across the board with many trendy topics out there. It is a matter of learning from our cumulative experiences and not making the same mistake twice, and to make better decisions in the future.

COMMON SENSE tells me that we are on a rocky road in our vision of what the future holds for our civilization, and what the issues of change in the wind may bring to how we live our daily lives. There has not been a Chef or cooking job in the paper now for 3 weeks, something that I have not observed in the 10 years I have been here. The City has put a hiring freeze into effect as tax revenue is down, and the restaurants are stressing with high food prices, and diminishing customer visits. Now that the powers that be are finally admitting we are in a recession maybe we can get out of denial and take the appropriate steps to get on track.

Tying all the adverse cause and effects together with a broad based solution will be our challenge. Far be it from me to come up with a vision here in the Big Sky Chef blog, but I can sure as h*#l point out what I see and feel and relate this to my readers. STAY TUNED...


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