Monday, April 14, 2008


Week two of my job at Sweet Tart has come to a close, and with a whole day off my body doesn't know whether to get up at 1 AM or sleep in til 7. I ended up getting up at 4:30, a nap at 10AM, and here I am around noon putting my second blog together for the "BIG SKY BLOG" (waiting with anticipation I bet)....My challenge this week is to incorporate a few web cam shots into the writing this time. It may not work so hang in there... I have added a new invitee {is that a word?} Sherry Cluckey, alias my Father Howard's gal in Olympia, WA. I am hoping my computerless Dad will get over to her house every now and then to look over his son's blog. Or maybe he will take it a step further and we all chip in for a cheap laptop with a $10.00 Dialup. Any way.. welcome.
I know you all think I'm pretty goofy, strange, deranged, and just basically misguided for writing here and I want you all to know that I am all of the above. I have substituted watching t.v. for some of my computer time (now I just listen at the same time). It keeps me out of trouble and the cigs away from my finger tips. My battle with the evil addicting substance has still got a hold, but the new Chantix drug is coursing through my veins for a week now, snipping the synapses of my brain into revolution of the evil weed. I had better start a new paragraph after that last sentence.

This picture looks philosophic in nature. The guy has his glasses in hand with that serious political glare of how effective he wants you to believe he is in his elected office. Sort of reminds me of Dick Cheney without the smirk. (you know why they call him Dick don't you?) Don't get me going with the political scene, it will only turn into a Hodge Podge of innuendo, finger pointing, here say, frustration, labeling, screams, shouts and load gasps of expelled air. I think I am a Obama man as the Bush-Clinton machine has had it's rein for too long now with total dysfunction, and the corporate system won't let Ron Paul or Nader any where near the media or the debates (Ron & Ralph who?) in fear of their bottom line control of the profits they have become so accustomed to.
Well far be it for me to be able to figure it out here...feel free (it is America) to post your comments or e-mail me at
about whats happening, new thing in your life, even send a message to the other parties involved in this blog...Doris & Gail in Montana, Ken & Cindy in Indiana, My father Howard & Sherrie in Olympia WA. and last but not least My buddy Lloyd in Omaha.
Looks like my webcam experiment was a success, so look for some other experiments with links, attachments, additional "cool sites" etc. Kinda learning as I go along. There will be no video as long as I'm on this dial up here at home. I may have to go to a Internet cafe to give you a video experience or maybe upgrade to high speed someday. Remember to look for your BLOG ALERT E MAIL as I post. If you would like to become a co-author in this page let me Know.
Love to all...Tom

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